Rush Hour

For all you busy ladies i put together this “i mean business” but “don’t cross my way” outfit topped by the new hair from TRUTH. Check it out nowwwwwww.

Enjoy ladies ♥


Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Kenzie ~~M E S H ~~ N E W

Eyes: .ID. – City Eyes Blue ~~ M E S H~~

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011 lashes/long

Nails: MANDALA – Nail Palette2/LONG

Ring (right hand) – Bandit Jewelry – Amadillo

Necklace and Ring set: MG Jewelery – All Seeing Eye ~~M E S H ~~

Bracelet – KOSH – Epiphany

Leggings – Maitreya – Couture Leggings black ~~M E S H ~~

Blazer – .HUFF. – Audrea YSL Blazer ~~ M E S H~~N E W  @ fi ‘ Friday




My two weeks off is almost over. Sad day for sl as i will not be here hours upon hours spending my money shopping. I would much rather be left out in the snow than go back to work but rl is known to often majorly suck so one must deal with it!

Note below: Vest – must have; Boots – must have; Hair – must have! End of list

Enjoy ladies.♥

winter whole

winter closeup
Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Chynna (crow) ~ MESH~ N E W

Eyes: .ID. – City Lights/Blue ~MESH~ N E W

Lashes: [Lelutka] – 2011 lashes/long

Rings: Sweet Leonard – ::LEO-NT:: LOVE YOU

Nails: MANDALA – Female Nail Palette 2/Long

Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer tights – dark beige

Socks: Izzie’s – Overknee socks – sand

Skirt: L’Exception – Pleated mini – Classic

Sweater: {PSYCHO:Byts} Short sweater – CrossFeline ~ N E W ~

Vest: Soothe – Down feather

Boots: [KissedbyFame] – [KBF] flatboot neutral

Winter Wonderland

The holidays are over! Yay or Nay? All that is left for us now is to enjoy the rest of what winter has to offer including the snow and freezing cold. If you want to feel snuggly take a trip to G Filed and grab one of those fluffy warm coats with colour change HUD for the fur tippet and cuffs. Your next shopping trip should be to TRUTH to spy on the newest releases, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy ladies ♥

white whole

white closeup
Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Cece ~~M E S H ~~ N E W

Eyes: .ID. – City Eyes Blue

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011 lashes/long

Nails: MANDALA – Nail Palette2/LONG

Ring: MG Jewelery – Ketama

Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights – eggshell

Coat: G Field – Winter Coat Natalie ~~M E S H ~~ N E W

Boots: :)(: Pixelfashion – Ultimate Boots white

Welcome me home

We often live in search for something out there promising us the fake reality that the grass is greener on the other side. Why are we so easily fooled? Can’t answer that because we are humans and humans are constantly in denial so let us all keep looking for that green lawn of happiness on the other side. 🙂

As for me….. welcome me home oh gift of femininity, i am embracing the girly colour P I N K ! A gorgeous pink dress accessorized with glittery shoes and pink jewelery. The New Truth hair is one of my favourites at the moment as it goes with pretty much every style of clothing you may choose to wear.

Enjoy ladies.♥

~~~~  H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R ~~~~

whole pink

pink closeup
Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Chynna (crow) ~ MESH~ N E W

Eyes: .ID. – City Lights/Blue ~MESH~ N E W

Lashes: [Lelutka] – 2011 lashes/long

Necklace: Noodles – Celestual Necklace Hematite/Rose Quartz

Ring (left hand): Noodles – Celestual Ring Hematite/Rose Quartz

Ring (right hand) – [glow] studio – Diamond Bar ring (black)

Piercings: .Pekka. – Mila

Nails: Izzie’s – Long Metalic Nails

Scarf: [EY:NO] –  Leo scarf – colour changeable

Tights: DeeTaleZ – Tights nylons dots grey

Dress: Ingenue – Chaud (blush) ~M E S H ~

Shoes: N-core – COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Deep Puple”


With Christmas gone we can take a sigh of relief because there is a whole year ahead before the madness starts again. Hope  you got what you wanted from Santa and more!

Winter can be so white so i thought adding a bit of colour is a good idea. Teal has never really been my colour but combined with sexy stockings and some kick ass boots and the result is more than pleasing.

Enjoy ladies.♥

teal whole teal closeup
Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: Magika – Faint ~ M E S H ~

Eyes: ** – EyeZ Sapphire

Lashes: [Lelutka] – 2011 lashes/long

Piercings: [EY:NO] – Dramatic Piercing (silver)

Necklace & bracelet set: MG Jewellery – Tarifa ~ M E S H ~

Nails: MANDALA – Nail Palette2/LONG

Rings (left hand) – Yummy Accessories – Boho ring – Turquoise

Ring (right hand) – The Sea Hole – Golden Lucite Corsage Ring – Noir

Tights: Izzie’s –  Tights zigzag

Sweater: Glam Affair – Perla sweater ~M E S H ~

Boots: J’s – Studded Long boots (Black) ~ M E S H ~ New Release

Warm me up!

It has been a while since my last post but when i spend two blissful hours shopping and putting an outfit together it has to be shared!  No we do not need a cup of hot coffee on a cold day, all us girls need is a shopping trip where you hop from store to store buying things you may not even wear, but does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside – YOU BET IT DOES!

Enjoy ladies.♥

Chevron 12-15-12_001-Blog

winter 2
Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Sassy 2 (crow) ~ MESH~ N E W

Eyes: .ID. – City Lights/Blue ~MESH~ N E W

Lashes: [Lelutka] – 2011 lashes/long

Sunglasses: – Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses ~MESH~

Necklace & Rings set: ::LEO-NT:: – LOVE YOU ❤

Earrings: KOSH – Selva oscura earrings

Bangle (right hand): [EY:NO] -Mess Bangles (Copper) – * N E W *

Watch bracelet (left hand): [EY:NO] –  Watch & Leaf bracelets (Autumn)

Nails: MANDALA – Nail Palette2/LONG

Scarf: [EY:NO] –  Leo scarf

Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights (Basics) – medium beige

Socks: Izzie’s – Overknee Socks – brown

Sweater: =Zenith= – Long Sweater ~MESH~  N E W

Boots: Slink – Vanity Boots Tan @  TDR Fusion

Walk into my life

You may have figured it already, the inspiration for this post are the super awesome ankle boots from TattooArt which come in a variety of colours. The owner, who also happens to be my bff, does custom work too so if you want to have your one of a kind boots give her a shout. TattooArt is reopening a NEW STORE on the grid….i will keep you updated so make sure you check it out.

Maitreya released this amazing  sweater – a must have! ♥

Skin: LAQ – Elena [Cocoa] Glow Skin

Hair: TRUTH – Jemima **MESH

Bangle: MG Jewelery – Ramona 77 **MESH

Bracelet: KOSH – Epiphany

Ring (right hand): KOSH – Sanctuary

Ring (right hand): MG Jewelery – Ketama (large)

Ring (left hand) – MANDALA – Milky way

Face Piercing:  –[EY:NO] Dramatic Piercing (silver)

Nails: MANDALA – Nail Palette2/LONG

Scarf: [TRS] – Grungy Scarf (black)

Pants: Maitreya – Stefani (Dark) **MESH

Sweater: Maitreya – Lux Sweater (Alpaca coal) **MESH ~~ N E W

Shoes: TattooArt – Military Unisex Boots ~~ N  E W